Anderson Family | maternity & family photography | look in anticipation

A.Maternity  028crop-2020-700I met up with the Anderson Family last week for some maternity and family photos.  If you’re thinking that these people look very familiar, you are right.  I had the privilege to photograph them on a quiet Sunday afternoon in fall, just before their son had surgery. I’ve been documenting life moments of the past half a year and it is a joy to capture moments that really matter.

There have been lots of changes for this family, and each day and each week is a new experience for sure.  Something to celebrate is the anticipation of  the arrival of their baby within the next month!

We had hoped to get more photos of everyone outside in the snow, but the wind gusts were incredibly fierce.  Saskatchewan weather is unpredictable and fun!  Thanks for braving the cold Carolyn, you make pregnancy look elegant, no matter what.

Blessings on you all as you prepare for this baby!

A.Maternity  033-2020-700A.Maternity  044-700A.Maternity  067gv-700A.Maternity  190-700A.Maternity  132vsla-700A.Maternity  085-700A.Maternity  089-2020-700A.Maternity  099-700maternity mother 2A.Maternity  171-2020-700A.Maternity  195bwbea-700A.Maternity  177vsla-700A.Maternity  271vsla-700A.Maternity  354vsla2-700A.Maternity  334bwpw-700A.Maternity  321-2020-700A.Maternity  304ss-2020-700A.Maternity  347vsla-700A.Maternity  360bwpw-700

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2 Responses to Anderson Family | maternity & family photography | look in anticipation

  1. Sabrina says:

    Wowzas! These are beautiful!

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