Favourites of 2013 | look back

2013 was a great year!  Thank YOU clients for putting yourself in front of the camera and allowing me to get to know you and capture your photos.

I’m in the process of culling photos for a new website (!) and having so much fun looking through this past year.  Some images really tugged on my heart-strings and I fell in love with them.  Sometimes they were planned moments and sometimes spontaneous!  Thanks for trusting me and letting your photo be taken.  Here are a few of my personal favourites from this past year:

Orynik 3266rebwpw-700Klassen 8404vsla-700ready 1319bwpw-700185re-2020-700Loewen 8566bwbea-700DSC_5086oev-700umbrella 8132bwbearet-700DSC_6162-700DSC_8464-700VailWickie 9696bwpw-700MelRene4269-2020-700MelRene4614sslomo-700ready 1212-2020-700Bodnar 6219-2020-700DSC_6663-2020-700DSC_5075crop-2020-700Orynik 3297bwpw-700Hegg 3672-2020-700DSC_4858gv-700DSC_0214-2020-700DSC_1173-2020-700Kevin 0036-2020csvintage2-700DSC_6139-700Olsen 2975bwbea-700Nickel 4702-2020-700Kiera3023bwpw-700DSC_6506-2020-700Shaina 9126slssbwpw-700Wright-Hoffman 8716-2020-700Golding 8038gv-700Jess 5979-700DSC_7459gv-700DSC_7105dk-2020-700Thanks again clients, and I look forward to creating memories and photographing you in 2014!

For booking information, please send an email to:  steph@retrospectphotography.ca

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