Behind The Scenes 2013 | look revealed

2013 was a year of many changes for me both personally and professionally.

Our family moved from BC to SK, we moved a few times within the city of Saskatoon, and our kids have gone to a few schools, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re finally settled!  In the realm of photography, I’ve had to learn to shoot quickly in freezing cold weather, and to remember that wind is a big contender here for photo shoots.  There’s a lot less rainy days, and the sky is seriously gorgeous on the prairies.  I love the amount of space to roam and the (lack of) traffic and ample parking are a bonus.

Here’s last year’s behind the scenes in 2012 to take a peek back.

And here’s this year’s highlights…

In front of the camera:  This was a Narnia-inspired winter portrait shoot.

alh7 1605-700 Behind the Scenes:  We were situated off a high school parking lot, in late February, in windy, freezing cold (-28C temperatures) and the shoot lasted maybe 7 minutes.  Also, I was mid-thigh deep in snow.  But my model was a trooper and I bought her hot chocolate afterwards.

alh7 1718-700

In front of the camera:  A fun grad portrait session.

Shaina 8878-700Behind the Scenes:  This is the unedited version of the same photo.  I had scouted out the location ahead of time, and I knew with the grad schedule we would be shooting in full sunlight midday.  I spied this map/info shelter and the one grey wall was all I needed to give a minimalist backdrop to her gorgeous dress and looks!

Shaina 8878_2-700

In front of the camera:  A band of brothers in a (seemingly) quiet and still moment.

Caleb1986gv-700 Behind the Scenes:  These guys were so cute!  They were eager and excited and full of energy.  I loved their little personalities so much, I had to include an extra behind the scenes from their session below.


In front of the camera:  A “Friends” inspired group photo shoot.

DSC_0472ress-700Behind the Scenes:  Our brilliant plan to haul a couch down the riverbank in front of the fountain meant a few things:  1)  We had a couch to wait on for our turn to use the fountain (it was a busy photography day that long weekend!) and 2) my assistant needed to then guard the couch and everyone’s personal belongings as we roamed through the rest of the park getting group shots.  It’s a difficult job, that guarding stuff,  but someone’s got to do it.


In front of the camera:  A couples anniversary portrait shoot.

cement wall couple photosBehind the Scenes:  Their adorable baby waits, minded by my multi-talented and patient assistant.


In front of the camera:  A birthday portrait session.

ceh4 4137oev-700

Behind the Scenes:  Yup.  I’ll admit now that she’s my kid.  Oh my.

ceh4 4149-700

In front of the camera:  A wedding party jumping.

ladies 6808sl (1)-700Behind the Scenes:  Look closely.  A frisbee golf net on the far left.  I prefer to keep photos as they were shot and keep my retouching on the minimal side,  but if it needs to be done…

ladies 6808sl-700

In front of the camera:  Bride and Groom portraits.DSC_7051bwpw-700

Behind the Scenes:

Kevin 0049-700

A few out-takes:

Mason 5018bwbea-700This little guy was all fun.

JeffChristine1004-700Perfect timing on that photo shoot!

DSC_0141-700Light tests and being silly.

Kevin 0236dkgv-700My belt makes a great impromptu flash holder.

In front of the camera:  A detailed wedding rings shot.


Behind the Camera:  I’m smoothing out the sand with a twig to erase the footprint!


 In front of the camera:  a whimsical wedding in the rain, with a fabulous Bride & Groom

umbrella 8139gv-700

Behind the Scenes : chivalrous shoe changes!

umbrella 8020-700During my scouting for photo locations, I’ve come to rediscover the city I grew up in as kid myself and its beauty.

DSC_4910-2020-700Yeah, that’s the Forestry Farm.  Gorgeous, right?!

DSC_8932lan-700A city view in autumn.

Hegg 3943-2020-700Thanks for the fun behind-the-scene moments of 2013!




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4 Responses to Behind The Scenes 2013 | look revealed

  1. Love this post Stephanie! Beautiful and very you. Happy new year to you, Kevin and the girls. Whar a brave year this has been! Thanks for the card. Miss you guys.

  2. Candace says:

    Love the sneak into behind the scenes! Sooo many great photos! Love! How are you enjoying living in Sk?

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