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Labrecque 014crop2ss-2020-700The Labrecque Family is just plain awesome.  Juli is also a photographer herself and knows how to put together a look with amazing style.

Earlier this year I started randomly getting referrals from out of seemingly nowhere.  When I went to drop off a finished photo order  I asked my client if she didn’t mind checking her email to let me know just WHO  had referred me?!   She mentioned a “Juli,” whom I had never met before.  I found Juli online and emailed her to verify that she indeed was sending clients my way.  Juli was due with baby Oliver and was limiting her shooting schedule, so she was sending clients over.

I have to tell you, the photography industry is a funny thing.  Sometimes it can be seen as a competitive business and sometimes you can just meet the best of people and become good friends.   Juli is, without a doubt, the good friend category.

Labrecque Family, you were lovely to work with and fantastic to photograph and those little boys of yours… adorable!

Labrecque 021gv-700Labrecque 030-2020-700Labrecque 037bwpw-700Labrecque 041-2020-700mom son family photosLabrecque 068recropvslan-700dad and son photosLabrecque 075-2020-700Labrecque 084-2020-700Labrecque 088-2020-700mother and son photosLabrecque 091-2020-700Labrecque 101-2020-700boys candy cane tree photosLabrecque 153-2020-700santa hat todddler boy photosLabrecque 273fc-700couple photosLabrecque 291-2020-700couple santa hat son photos

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