Lowe Family | family photography | look cheerful

118gv-700The Lowe Family met me at a park close by their home, one that is special to them and that they frequent often.  It’s always great when it works to have photo sessions in an especially meaningful location.  This was the last family session I shot outdoors before the snow came, so I’m quite sure they win the award for braving the cold (and double awards for the early morning!)

Lowe Family, you guys were a blast to hang out with and your kiddos are adorable!  Thanks again!

031-2020-700leaves gv photo185re-2020-700065-2020-700053bwpw-700060-2020-700trees boy portrait photos038-2020-700141bwpw-700107-2020-700088cr-2020-700110gv-700kids 3 photos192-2020-700197-2020-700201bwpw-700couple 2 photos206vsla-700couple 2187-2020-700father son photos232vsla-700mother daughter father son photos259vsla-700parents kids photos130-2020-700

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