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Popadynec 9191yyss-2020-700parker and dad photos

win·some     adjective \ˈwin(t)-səm\:  cheerful, pleasant, and appealing

We met at the park for a few family photos outside.  Parker, the eldest kid, wanted only to move and run and jump!  I guess that’s what little boys are meant to do!

Miss Jordyn has the sweetest baby doll face, the perfect pucker lips and big blue eyes full of wonder.  She only wanted to sleep a few minutes and otherwise was just taking in all the world (mostly her big brother jumping between couches and hiding in the blanket).  I feel like there may be years of entertainment here!

Elysha, you’re a beautiful woman, inside and out.  Your tenderness and patience with your children shines through.  It was a delight to spend part of an afternoon with you and your beautiful family Justin & Elysha.

family photos two

Mom and baby photosPopadynec 9244-700Popadynec 9268bwpw-700Popadynec 9263-2020-700jordyn mom photosPopadynec 9285-2020-700This may have been a secret sibling fist pump move.  I’m not entirely sure; but that’s what I want to believe.

Popadynec 9352bwpw-700Popadynec 9334-2020-700Popadynec 9407gv-700Popadynec 9348re2020-700baby close up parents photosPopadynec 9381cropvsla-700Popadynec 9372gv-700Popadynec 9233revsla-700

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