Liam and Tate | children photography | look cool

Wright-Hoffman 8553-2020-700As a parent, I have only daughters, so hanging out with two cool brothers for this photo shoot was a novel thing for me.  Obviously no twirling in fancy dresses here, no way!

There was a lot of running, jumping, throwing leaves, hugs turned into headlocks, power poses, action figure poses, silly faces and just standing around looking pretty darn cool.  It was fun to hang out with you Liam and Tate!

boys bw photosWright-Hoffman 8586-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8593-2020-700boys portraits photosWright-Hoffman 8621-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8626-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8635-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8637-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8640-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8645gv-700Wright-Hoffman 8647-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8669bwbea-700Wright-Hoffman 8664-2020-700boys portraits green wall photosWright-Hoffman 8745-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8787-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8790-2020-700kids boys photosWright-Hoffman 8792-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8889-2020-700boy jumping photosWright-Hoffman 8867-2020-700Wright-Hoffman 8839gv-700

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