Klassen Family | family photography | look enamoured

Klassen 8300-2020-700Klassen 8307bwpw-700Klassen 8311fc-700Wade and Crystal have backgrounds in architecture and graphic design, so I aimed to create photos that played with perspective and pattern for them.  We had a gorgeous, warm fall evening, with beautiful colours and textures from the trees.  I was beyond thrilled to take photos of their newest addition, Miss Petra.   She’s a doll!

Towards the end of the shoot, we decided to pull out the moss green chair I had brought and Crystal started striking fun and dramatic poses.  Crystal, you are beautiful!

Thanks Wade & Crystal!  I so enjoyed hanging out with your adorable family for an evening.

Klassen 8326-2020-700leaves berries family photoKlassen 8329gv-700Klassen 8334fc-700Klassen 8366-2020-700Klassen 8348fc-700Klassen 8381-2020-700Klassen 8391-2020-700Klassen 8379-2020-700Klassen 8404vsla-700Klassen 8422bwpw-700Klassen 8428-700Klassen 8430-2020-700Klassen 8436bwpw-700Klassen 8439-2020-700Klassen 8442bwpw-700Klassen 8467-2020-700Klassen 8485-2020-700wade crystal photosKlassen 8486gv-700Klassen 8496-2020-700Klassen 8497-2020-700Klassen 8502-2020-700Klassen 8511-700crystal photosKlassen 8518-2020-700Klassen 8521bwpw-700Klassen 8532-2020-700

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