G. Family | family photography | look kind

Golding 7902-2020-700The G. Family are kind and intentional people.   I’ve only recently started to get to know them, but they are quality, you can just tell.  Their little boy is adorable and was so fun to interact with.  He let Dad toss him in the air and it was so high he was almost out of the frame of my camera lens!  Someone may be an adrenaline junkie or a future Olympian?!

Thanks G. Family for having me spend some time with you capturing your family at this stage in life.

family fall colours photosGolding 7915-2020-700family field photosGolding 7960-2020-700family tree photosGolding 7990-2020-700Golding 7991gv-700Golding 8002-2020-700Golding 8004bwpw-700Golding 8020bwpw-700Golding 8022-2020-700Golding 8032gv-700Golding 8039-2020-700Golding 8038gv-700Golding 8048fc-700Golding 8056-2020-700Golding 8064-2020-700Golding 8094vsla-700Golding 8109-2020-700Golding 8098-2020-700Golding 8151-700Golding 8176-2020b-700parents laughing photosGolding 8196-2020-700Golding 8229-2020-700Golding 8239bwpw-700Golding 8241-2020-700Golding 8243-2020-700Golding 8265gfautumn-700

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