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BeckyMike 6798lan-700Every time we’ve moved, I hope and pray that the next door neighbours are going to be nice and hopefully they’ll think we’re not too crazy.  Ha!  We keep doing well, because so far we love all our neighbours wherever we’ve lived.

Becky & Mike are our neighbours, and friendly and great ones at that!  As a couple they share a love of sports:  both soccer and softball, so we started the engagement session with a sporty twist.  I kind of like the photo farther below of the diamond (ring) in the diamond (baseball).

I’ve been wanting to use Diefenbaker Hill in a shoot for a long time now, and was so glad we got to use it as a location!  I love the rows of stone walls, the symmetry and repetition.  We even got a few bonus silhouette shots against the gigantic sky at the end of the evening.

Congrats Mike & Becky!  Looking forward to next summer’s wedding!

soccer jerseys couple photosBeckyMike 6786bwpw-700BeckyMike 6820-2020-700BeckyMike 6834bwpw-700BeckyMike 6838-700BeckyMike 6843-2020-700BeckyMike 6888-700BeckyMike 6866-700BeckyMike 6917-2020-700BeckyMike 6947lan-700BeckyMike 6971lan-700BeckyMike 7024-2020-700BeckyMike 6976-2020-700BeckyMike 7013-2020-700BeckyMike 7005ss-700BeckyMike 6989-2020-700BeckyMike 7053-700BeckyMike 7065vsla-700BeckyMike 7068vsla-700BeckyMike 7092vsla-700

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