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First of all, thank you clients/friends for letting me into your world.  You open the door in your pyjamas  and let me capture the getting ready moments when you’re nervous for your wedding day.  You hand me your day old newborns  with trust and let me photograph them.  You let me play with your kids and even if I look like a total fool making them giggle, it’s worth it.  You have me come for happy moments, difficult moments, real moments and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thanks for sharing your world with me and letting me tell a little bit of each of your stories.  So, just a genuine thanks.

The Anderson Family had a quiet afternoon at home a few weeks ago, playing Lego and hanging out in their backyard.  Simple family time that is so precious just doing regular activities.  The next day, their oldest son Micah went in for surgery to remove a brain tumour.  There is still many appointments and decisions to be made in regards to his health, so please keep him and them in your prayers.  It was a joy to spend time with the Anderson’s just taking in a few everyday moments with their family in their home.  Blessings!

Anderson 6422lan-700lego photosAnderson 6371bwpw-700Anderson 6421-700Anderson 6373bwbea-700Anderson 6390-700family playing lego photosDSC_6443vscolan-700DSC_6437lan-700Anderson 6456bwbea-700DSC_6467-2020-700DSC_6470bwbea-700kids portraits photosDSC_6482-2020-700DSC_6511-2020-700DSC_6551-2020-700Anderson 6557-2020-700DSC_6571-2020-700Shiloh Moriah photosAnderson 6604-2020-700Abana Micah photosDSC_6719-2020-700Micah photosDSC_6740-2020-700

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2 Responses to Anderson Family | family photography | look courageous

  1. kellyens says:

    wonderful pictures of an amazing, beautiful family. love them!

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