B. Family | family photography | look dapper

Bodnar 5870-2020-700What a good-looking family!  It was a treat to hang out with this sweet little family of three and capture some photos of all of them as well as some portraits of their adorable 1-year-old.  The  autumn weather has been amazing, so we aimed to get some photos down by the river with the scenery and the changing leaves.

Their little guy donned suspenders and a bow-tie near the end for a few very dapper solo photos.  He is absolutely adorable!

Thanks for the wonderful photo shoot B. Family!

Bodnar 5780-2020-700b family two photosBodnar 5807-700father and son photosBodnar 5868-2020b-700Bodnar 5916bwbea-700Bodnar 5907-700Bodnar 5935gv-700Bodnar 5939-2020-700Bodnar 5975-2020-700Bodnar 6000-700mom and son photosBodnar 6053bwpw-700Bodnar 6103-2020-700Bodnar 6120-2020-700Bodnar 6128bwpw-700Bodnar 6262-2020-700Bodnar 6304-2020-700Bodnar 6167-2020-700Bodnar 6199bwpw-700Bodnar 6211-2020-700Bodnar 6213-700Bodnar 6219-2020-700Bodnar 6275-2020-700

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