Mitchell Family | family photography | look joyful

Mitchell 5213fc-700There was a lot of  joy and energy in this family shoot!  The family flew kites, ran up and down the beach, the boys would hug and then somehow it would end up in a headlock and/or near wrestling move, and there was a lot of wading and splashing in the river.  By the end, everyone was soaked, but that was the plan!  (Also, can you believe this beach is in Saskatoon?  I’m still surprised by all the hidden beauty locations around here).

Thanks Mitchell Family for the fun and relaxed  beach family photo session!

Mitchell 5249-2020-700parents photoMitchell 5279gv-700brothers portraitsMitchell 5340cr-700Mitchell 5323-700Mitchell 5366-2020-700Mitchell 5423-700Mitchell 5414-2020-700Mitchell 5402-2020-700Mitchell 5434bwpw-700Mitchell 5393fc-700Mitchell 5528-2020-700Mitchell 5506-700Mitchell 5605-2020-700Mitchell 5626-2020-700Mitchell 5692-700Mitchell 5693-2020-700Mitchell 5699-2020-700Mitchell 5705-2020-700Mitchell 5708-2020-700Mitchell 5721-2020-700Mitchell 5726-2020-700Mitchell 5735-2020-700

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