Rob & Amanda | wedding photography | look earnest

Amanda & Rob are those friends that are there for everybody.  You can just tell.  Words can’t explain it, but they are loyal and loved.  They are purposeful and sincere.  So it was no surprise that they had a very welcoming and loving group of family and friends surround them on their special wedding day.

It was a blazing hot August day, full of adventures (chocolate milk and a white dress, flowers momentarily forgotten) and Amanda was the model of a calm and collected bride.  The kids were adorable, the details thoughtful, and the friends and family a blast to hang out with!

Congratulations Amanda & Rob!

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Making it all  look | GOOD:

Hair & Makeup:  Chrome Spa Salon  |  Venue:  Ebenezer Baptist Church  |  Reception Venue:  Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation  |  Flowers:  Select Roses

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