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Orynik 3009-2020-700When I started unloading gear from my car, this little girl came bounding out the front door of her home, eager and full of energy to say hello to this “picture lady” who had just arrived. What a cutie!  I captured a few photos of just her and Dad as we waited for Mom and baby to be ready to join in the family photos.

Arriving into a family’s home and taking photos in their surroundings, along with the arrival of a new baby is always an experience full of excitement and unknown.  I love the simplicity of baby shots being focused on the baby, not too many props, not too much set up, and keeping it real and authentic.  I love the interactions that happen, some orchestrated and some very much unplanned (or some maybe even bribed with toy cameras and candy!)  The natural moments seem to come through with the setting of home as a familiar studio.

Baby Andrew was a delight to photograph – with his handsome good looks, soft baby skin, mounds of dark hair and curious and sweet eyes seeking out the world around him.  I’m sure his exuberant older sister will no doubt be showing him the ropes in no time!

Thanks for having me in your home Jana & Jared ~ Congratulations!

preschool girlOrynik 3023bwpw-700Orynik 3132-2020-700Orynik 3046bwpw-700Orynik 3086-2020-700Orynik 3087bwpw-700Orynik 3094-2020-700Orynik 3179-2020-700Orynik 3187-2020-700Orynik 3189-2020-700baby and mom photosOrynik 3225bwpw-700newborn mom photosOrynik 3230gv-700Orynik 3243-700Orynik 3268bwbea-700Orynik 3251re2020-700baby eyes open photosOrynik 3297bwpw2-700Orynik 3302-2020-700Orynik 3306rebwpw-700Orynik 3339-2020-700Orynik 3351bwpw-700

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