Olsen Family | family photography | look lively

Olsen 2570-2020-700Steph & Josh and kids met me on an beautiful late summer evening for some family photos. We had all kinds of adventures!  There was tree climbing, acting like monkeys (because we were in the tree, of course), jumping contests, digging in the sand, and the spotting of an airplane in the sky, a snake on the ground and a fish in the river.

I loved seeing the personality of each kid as we went on our photo-adventure.  Thanks Olsen Family for the lively fun!

Olsen 2551-700Olsen 2574bwpw-700Olsen 2564-700Olsen 2628dk2020-700Olsen 2591-2020-700brothers portraits photosOlsen 2831-2020-700brother sister portraits photosOlsen 2925bwpw-700Olsen 2882-2020-700Olsen 2920-2020ss-700Olsen 2921ss-2020-700Olsen 2891-700Olsen 2896gv-700Olsen 2965sl-700Olsen 2972bwpw-700playing at the beach photosOlsen 2975bwbea-700kids beach photosOlsen 2980bwpw-700Olsen 3000bwpw-700

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