Amanda & Calvin | anniversary photography | look like a decade

couple photos10 years of marriage is a milestone!  Amanda & Calvin wanted to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with a photo shoot with their adorable daughter, Summer, as well as their close group of friends.

It was on their bucket list to get a “Friends” photo down by the fountain.  I surprised them by loading our yellow couch in the back of our car to bring along, and with the help of their friends, we were able to recreate a pretty close replica!  It was fun.

Amanda had made lots of fun props for silly photos at the reception.  We took the opportunity to invite their family and friends to write a chalkboard message/card for them – it could be input for the next 10 years of marriage, advise (warranted or not!), or just greetings.  Enjoy your cheeky chalkboard messages Amanda & Calvin!

A decade is no small feat for any couple; you should be proud.  Congratulations Calvin & Amanda and here’s to the next ten!!

DSC_0253oev-700cement wall couple photosDSC_0254bwpw-700family baby wavingDSC_0275-2020-700brick door cement wall photosDSC_0262oev-700alley kiss babyDSC_0394oev-700DSC_0324oev-700DSC_0339-2020-700DSC_0362-700DSC_0444bwpw-700DSC_0428-2020-700DSC_0442bwpw-700DSC_0157-2020-700DSC_0465-700DSC_0472ress-700DSC_0551ssbwpw-700DSC_0522ress-700DSC_0573-2020-700DSC_0609-2020b-700friends photo 2DSC_0619oev-700DSC_0675-2020-700DSC_0686-2020-700DSC_0765-2020-700DSC_0695-2020-700DSC_0777-2020-700DSC_0790-2020-700DSC_0750-2020-700DSC_0722-2020-700DSC_0732-2020-700DSC_0746-2020-700DSC_0784-2020-700DSC_0817-2020crop-700DSC_0584-2020-700

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2 Responses to Amanda & Calvin | anniversary photography | look like a decade

  1. Amanda says:

    Stephanie! i love these so so so so so so so so so so etc. much!!! You and your husband were a great team to work with and we had so much fun! I will definitely be coming to you guys again in the future. Hopefully we will be living in Saskatoon then! lol! Anyways thanks for the sneak peak and I can hardly wait to see the rest.

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