Wendell | baby & family photography | look onward

VailWickie 9336-700When I arrived at the house, a blonde, curly haired wonder peeked out the front window from her make shift perch.  Little Liona was happy to introduce me to her new baby brother and while we were waiting for everyone to be photo-ready, she intently practised writing important alphabets while sitting next to the special duck.

Little Wendell was a joy to photograph and it was an added bonus that he was home from the hospital, without fever and healthy.  I can’t believe Mom & Dad made it halfway through the photo session before letting me know that they hadn’t had coffee yet that day!  They were good looking and real troopers on barely any sleep.

The name Wendell means wanderer, or seeker… I’m sure this little one with his strong fight combined with his easy going nature will have many adventures in life.  Sally & Morgan, thanks for allowing me into your home to capture some family memories for you!

VailWickie 9339bwpw-700VailWickie 9353csvdes-700VailWickie 9364gv-700VailWickie 9348csv-700VailWickie 9347gv-700sister baby family photos VailWickie 9383bwpw-700VailWickie 9443-700VailWickie 9432-700VailWickie 9455gv-700VailWickie 9456cropmed-2020-700VailWickie 9468-2020-700VailWickie 9479gv-700mom kids dad kids photosVailWickie 9526bwbea-700VailWickie 9515slbwpw-700baby wendell sister liona photosVailWickie 9550-700VailWickie 9538rebwpw-700bw newborn girl crisscross applesauce photosVailWickie 9670-2020-700VailWickie 9727bwbea-700VailWickie 9685-2020-700VailWickie 9696bwpw-700Liona two photosVailWickie 9596gv-700

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