L. Family | family photography | look candid

Loewen 8525bwpw-700Loewen 8536-700When Samantha contacted me she mentioned that she’d like candid shots of her family, in a park, spending time together.  Good plan.  We met early morning, the family had their favourite drinks in tow, and we hung out in the shade and sun for a relaxed time.

We got a shot of little Clara hugging her pink bear, Samantha said it was important to them, but I didn’t get the full story at the time.  Samantha writes a blog and it’s aptly named On Pink Bears and Pacifiers.  You’ll have to check it out to know more about the special pink stuffy bear, but Samantha’s writing is beautiful and honest and candid itself.

Thanks for the time together L. Family!

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2 Responses to L. Family | family photography | look candid

  1. Samantha says:

    Thanks again, Steph! I did my own post on this shoot – come check it out! http://www.pinkbears.ca/index.php/item/458-family-photo-shoot

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