Henry | baby photography | look you’re growing up (too fast!)

Henry 9283gvbirthday-700My dear friend, Emily, and I became friends many years ago.  Our first conversation was over the love of shoes and a mutual admiration for each other’s fancy footwear.  Fast forward oh… 17 years and we’ve gone to college together, lived many provinces away, been neighbours in a quiet little town by an ocean inlet, worked various careers, each of us gotten married, had babies.  Life has happened.  Life in all its glorious fullness.

Now we’re currently not in the same city or even in the same province, for that matter.  So, Emily made the effort to board a plane with a wiggly baby and make her way out east to see our new home and catch up on life (and whose kidding- eat chocolate and stay up late chatting!)

Her kids are the closest I am to an auntie, so it’s always extra special to see them.  I got to meet her youngest boy, Henry and I was excited to sneak in a mini photo session with him!   He is adorable:  bright eyes, big smile, soft baby skin snuggles and those curls in his hair and long eyelashes?  Oh my.

Thanks for the visit Em and Happy 1st Birthday Henry!

Henry 9230bwpw-700Henry 9236-2020-700Henry 9326bwpw-700Henry 9267-700Henry 9270bwpw-700Henry 9287-2020-700Henry 9306-700henry hill crawl photoHenry 9320bwbea-700*****

Henry 9300-700An outtake of all of us being silly!

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