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Shaina 9194-2020-700I have a bit of a fascination with names – the meanings, the theories, the origins – I love it all.  There is something powerful about the names we assign and about what becomes of a person,  and their name.

I will often look up what the origin and meaning of a name when I photograph a newborn to go along with the photos.  It just seemed fitting upon a graduation, a new chapter in this lovely lady’s life, that I look up the meaning of her name…  So, was it any surprise that Shaina means “beautiful” in Hebrew?

I only got to know Shaina for a few hours, but her beauty, both outward and inward, shines through right away!  This family was wonderful to spend time with – we had lots of fun with balloons, a guitar and ukulele, and a whimsical twirly dress.

Congratulations Shaina!

Shaina 8871-2020-700tree portrait grad photosShaina 8834-700Shaina 8859-700Shaina 8878cr2020-700Shaina 8879-2020-700Shaina 8892-700Shaina 8913-700Shaina 8918-700Shaina 8937-700grad dad mom photosShaina 9025-2020-700Shaina 9009-2020-700Shaina 9029-2020-700portrait twirlShaina 9044-700Shaina 9047-700Shaina 9034-700Shaina 9051-700Shaina 9066-2020-700Shaina 9083-2020-700grad pinecones sunlight photosShaina 9112-2020-700Shaina 9106-2020-700Shaina 9126slssbwpw-700Shaina 9135-2020-700Shaina 9134bwpw-700Shaina 9204-2020-700dress portrait grey photosShaina 9198-2020-700grad tree dress photosShaina 9208-2020-700sparkle dust photos

Making it all  look | GOOD:

Hair & Makeup:  Étre belle hair boutique

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