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When your sibling is a magician (yes, for real you guys), and you work together to get some photos for his new and upcoming website, you may overhear conversations like this…

Me to him: “You’re face looks a bit strange to me in the shot with the fire.”

Him to me: “Um, yeah.  It’s a bit hard to keep a smile on my face with a fire ball exploding in front of my eyes.”

Me to him.  “Right. Let’s go with what we’ve got.  It’s good.”

Also, he is a professional, with many years of practice (yes, he started when he was a baby) and dedicated training.  Therefore- don’t do this at home.  Don’t even attempt to! 

But seriously, Curt is a magician, for real and a good one at that!  The aim of the shoot was to get some clean, modern shots with a nod to fun and a hint at his big personality.  His website is in the works, but if you want to contact him for hire – leave a comment or email me at: steph (at)retrospectphotography(dot)ca and I’ll pass on the info to him.

Thanks for the fun shoot Curt!

DSC_4670-2020-700curt is magic shuffle cards close up photoDSC_4681-2020-700curt is magic for dummies photosDSC_4790-700curt is magic money trick photoDSC_4808-2020-700curt is magic in action photosDSC_4883-2020-700DSC_4891-2020-700DSC_4899gv-700curt is magic portraits photoDSC_4979-700DSC_4980-700DSC_4981-700DSC_4982-700DSC_4858gv-700DSC_4936-lomo-700

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