Claire | children photography | look all grown up

DSC_3970gv-700“Mommy, I’m ALL grown up now!  I’m FOUR,” my daughter, Claire, definitively announces.

Four means you pick your very own outfit for the annual birthday photo shoot.  Four means you do it by.your.self.  Four means attitude.  Big, grandiose attitude.

I know better than to make a big deal to get my kids to have their photos taken by me.  I’m thrilled that they’re even willing subjects, and so if they want to take ownership in the process by picking out their outfits and leaving the hair slightly dishevelled. it.

Here she is folks.  Don’t forget:  She’s four and can do it ALL by herSELF!

DSC_3998-700DSC_4005bwbea-700girl in field with flowers photosDSC_3985-700flowers bw green dress photosDSC_3995-700DSC_3993gv-700DSC_4101-700DSC_4087-700tiny cowboy boots girl field photosDSC_4042-700tumbleweeds field photosboots girl in field photosDSC_4119-700DSC_4117-700DSC_4116-700girl in field photosribbon 3 girl field photosDSC_4137-700

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One Response to Claire | children photography | look all grown up

  1. Lindsay B. says:

    So sweet!!

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