Kiera | baby photography | look dear

This little girl is a doll!

She is such a thoughtful, easy-going, cutie pie that loves to take in the world around her.  Her mom brought a family heirloom christening gown for some of the portraits, and it look adorable on her.  How special to have a piece of family history in the photos.  I loved photographing Miss Kiera’s pensive looks and her giggly smile!

baby Kiera text bw hatKiera3023bwpw-700baby smile photoKiera2994gv-700Kiera3071-700Kiera3061-700Kiera3123bwpw-700baby shoes wings photosKiera3155-700baby clapping photoKiera3200-700Kiera3191bwpw-700Kiera3196-700Kiera3220bwbea-700Kiera3499bwpw-700baby in crocheted hat photosKiera3300oev-700Kiera3287-700baby in christening gown photoKiera3246-700Kiera3247-700baby formal christening gown formal photoKiera3540gv-700mom and baby bw photomom and baby photosKiera3382gv-700Kiera3385-700Kiera3387bwpw-700Kiera3386-700

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