Jayden & Steph | engagement photography | look gracious

DSC_0017oev-700couple engagement photos 2DSC_2359gv-700DSC_2398oev-700engagement couple photosDSC_2324bw-700DSC_2482-700DSC_2483oev-700DSC_2478bwpw-700JaySteph2368gv-700JaySteph2521oev-700JaySteph2495oev-700saskatoon couple engagement photosDSC_2531oev-700JaySteph2537gv-700ring engagement photosJaySteph2528gv-700Jayden & Steph got the perfect window on the last winter weather for their engagement shoot.  The air was not too cold, and a recent snowfall provided a fresh, white covering to the ground.  They were such good sports with the engagement session!  I had them on train bridges, and wading (maybe more accurately falling? getting stuck?) in knee-deep snow more than once.  They were amiable and gracious and I loved having the opportunity to get to know them a little bit better before their June wedding!



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