Caleb | newborn photography | look wholehearted

Caleb2081-2020-700Caleb2071gv-700Isn’t this the cutest little newborn baby?!

Caleb, which the name apparently means “wholehearted,” sure is a delight!  Wholehearted to mean:  completely and sincerely devoted, determined, or enthusiastic.  What an excellent namesake.

He was welcomed into a great family with 2 older brothers (who are just as handsome and adorable as well!)


Caleb2075-2020-700Caleb2065bwpw-700Caleb2055bwpw-700Caleb1903-2020-700Caleb1896gv-700Caleb1992-2020-700Caleb1986gv-700glasses kidCaleb1957-2020-700Caleb2061bwpw-700Caleb1916-700Caleb1942bwpw-700Caleb0052oev-700Caleb2173bwpw-700Caleb2007-700mom and babe bw2Caleb2090bwpw-700Caleb2108bwpw-700Caleb2121gv-700Caleb2126gv-700Caleb2014-700 Caleb2015-700Caleb2142gv-700Caleb2135oev-700Caleb2141bwpw-700Caleb2159bwpw-700Caleb2144-2020-700It was such a pleasure to send a sunny morning with this wonderful and energetic family!



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