Jeff & Christine | couple photography | look inspiring

JeffChristine0782-700Want to be inspired by a triumphant love story?  (I don’t exaggerate with the word triumphant here, either).

trees, colorful bldgMeet Jeff & Christine.  In love; real love.

JeffChristine0740bwpw-700couple bw2JeffChristine0771bwpw-700The kind of love that stays when complications arise.

Christine was suddenly hospitalized for a while this past autumn and Jeff was there by her side.  Jeff had his own surgery scheduled during that time that he postponed to be with Christine during some difficult and scary days.

JeffChristine0874oev-700JeffChristine0877oev-700JeffChristine0872bwpw-700In what could be described as miraculous, Christine regained health and was discharged from the hospital.  Jeff had his surgery date rescheduled in a timely manner (also, kind of miraculous) and is doing well today as he recovers.

Watching the two of them work together during our photo shoot was inspiring.  Christine can lead the way visually;  Jeff can compensate for some of Christine’s physical limitations.  They work together to provide  a quirky sense of humour!  Their partnership is inspiring to watch in action.

JeffChristine0887-700JeffChristine0890bwpw-700JeffChristine0902bwpw-700JeffChristine0917oev-700JeffChristine0936oev-700JeffChristine0941bwpw-700 JeffChristine0865bwbea-700JeffChristine0939-700berries.coupleJeffChristine0953bwpw-700JeffChristine0971oev-700… and Congratulations Jeff & Christine on your recent engagement!


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5 Responses to Jeff & Christine | couple photography | look inspiring

  1. oddsandens says:

    awesome!!! Great shots too, Steph!

  2. Brenda shaw says:

    oh my gosh..i didn’t get past but a few photos and was teary beautiful and yes inspiring!! Congratulations Jeff and ChristIne !!

  3. Aimee Miller says:

    What a beautiful love story and what amazing photos to capture it.

  4. Sabrina says:

    so great!!!

  5. Marilyn Baker says:

    I know Christine and Jeff personally and I am so happy to part of this amazing couples lives..They are so blessed in their love, and the determination and patience that they share, is wonderful to behold.. Keep on smiling you two..

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