Behind the Scenes 2012 | look revealed

Happy New Year!

I love the behind the scenes shots.  (You can find previous years here and here).

You can plan all you want (and yes, I am a meticulous planner) for how a session or a wedding is going to go, but I’ve learned that it never goes entirely as planned and the best way is to roll with it.

You may, for instance, come across a city wide soccer wind-up barbecue in the middle of your planned family photos, or a boy scout convention at the styled shoot out in the country.

You may have a baby awake when you want them sleeping, and sleeping when you want them awake.  You may have rain when you want sun, or glorious sun when you packed your collection of 20+ umbrellas.

Sometimes you have to just go for it and park the sports car at the exact angle where it needs to be (forgiveness instead of permission, right?)

I’ve learned to always wear my tall boots in the fields… I’ve seen mice, rats and snakes, baby.  This isn’t for the faint of heart.

It’s not a bad idea to carry my mini first aid kit (band-aids, dental floss, gum and more to the rescue of kids and bridesmaids alike!)  Restocking the puppet and bubble supply is essential.

We like to have fun and expect the unexpected.

Behind the scenes is a glimpse into the unplanned, unscripted, and come-as-you-are moments of 2012.


family5418-700 Maiken 4360bwpw-700 Maiken 4345bw-700 Maiken 4346bw-700Ballet moves with little brother running through the shot.
Anne ballet 3Tie straightening, button fixing before family photos. fun1533-700 fun1928-700 fun1872-700 fun0024-700The finished shot:bride1881-700 First time I’ve had action figure game poses Not always full participation immediately from my own kids. kids 2Spontaneous family hugs.Taylor4699bwpw-700 family vertical 2 -700Creating Christmas in June for a promotional shoot.BlueBeary2452-700 The finished product: BlueBeary2365oev-700My trusty assistant running out a prop, posing a group, guarding the bouquet, and creating magic windy-veil look.DSC_5697-700 DSC_5368-700fun8558-700fun8273-700 DSC_8274cropbwpw-700Video and photographer behind the scenes…fun0203-700These are the finished ones captured: couple2140-700A quiet and sneaky, cute ring-bearer just before the ceremony!DSC_0216bwpw-700Family laughs. DarMat5849-700 Roorda0641bwpw-700My other trusty assistant/light stand-in/reflector holder  in training:DSC_0001-700 assistant Audrey 2A slightly deflated balloon that we threw in the air to get the next shot. DSC_0192ss-700 DSC_0198ss-700 fun0154-700Wedding party fun.DSC_8375bwpw-700 DSC_0137-700 The actual shot:bride0169-700The right after shot:fun0180-700Butterflies that were supposed to fly away, but didn’t.butterfly birthday two Vrabec3315-700 Makeup artist at the park before grad photos.Ashan9886-700The finished shot:DSC_0028-700Instructions for posing and dress arranging.brock house behind the scenes My favourite camera bag/purse in the whole wide world! behindscenes0046 copySweet baby girl only to be consoled by her cry. look at momA golden retriever photo bombs the family portrait:Bischoff8964-700 Bischoff8967-700That’s a wrap!  Bessey0304-700Cheers, Steph

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