K. Family | family & baby photography | look welcoming

Kuchuran0185bwpw-700I had the opportunity to photograph this lovely family in their new home with their newborn.  What a friendly and welcoming bunch (and adorable kids) to have as my first shoot in Saskatchewan!

Kuchuran0207-700Kuchuran0214bwpw-700Kuchuran0208bwbea-700Kuchuran0197bwbea-700parents with newbornmother daughter laugh. parents newborncouple 2Kuchuran0254oev-700family. Christmas treeKuchuran0334oev-700Kuchuran0333oev-700Kuchuran0377bwpw-700blocks name. toes.Kuchuran0343bwbea-700Kuchuran0297oev-700baby yawn 2Kuchuran0285oev-700Evan blue 2Kuchuran0369bwpw-700 Kuchuran0388oev-700 kids 3Kuchuran0420-2bwpw-700family outside 2Kuchuran0416-2oev-700Thanks K. Family!



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One Response to K. Family | family & baby photography | look welcoming

  1. Nicole Kuchuran says:

    Thank you! They really captured our family. Welcome back to Saskatchewan.

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