Farewell. Hello. | personal photography | looks like big change is coming.

Farewell ocean.

Hello sea of wheat.

Farewell sweet and tangy, sticky and tart blackberries abundant that welcomed me to British Columbia over ten years ago.

Hello sweet and tangy, sticky and tart saskatoon berries.

Farewell Granville Island with your fresh, salty, smoky, always-smells-like maple salmon air; your pastry bread, lavender soap, artsy nonsensical metal sculptures,  sensible hand whittled arbutus wooden bowl artisans.

Hello Broadway Avenue with your cute awning striped bakeries, your here-and-there grunge, your steep hill co-op granola grocers (where everyone really does know your name) and your parking meters that actually still only cost ashtray coinage.

Farewell black inky Fraser River view from Royal Columbian Hospital.  You were there on that cold, snowflake tinged Feb 25th when my first baby girl was born late into the evening.

Hello to the city where I was born to my parents… hospital overlooking the riverbank too.

Farewell lavender maternity walls of Abbotsford Hospital, where you welcomed my second and final baby into the world on that sunny, April 24th morning.  The birds were singing, and the cherry blossoms were at the absolute perfect ripeness that day.

Farewell city by the inlet, where we commuted the twisty, grey roads home from work and  then choose to walk the twisty board walks that criss-crossed around the water to the fresh fish and chip stand.

Hello city with your structured roads, your city blocks in neat and tidy squares.  Your parallel designed craftsman bungalows with giant backyard vegetable gardens asleep under the snow.

Farewell community of similar minded people who came up with the group name “emerge,” even before it was a church movement, conversation, village, paradigm, or theology.  You know who you all are.  We had the best of times.

Farewell community of flag wavers, dancing kids, gymnasium of flickering bad lights, hot coffee, amazing people – a church where the trinity is spoken and seen.

Hello new community.  We anticipate what awaits us.

Farewell driving commute of ridiculousness.  (And frankly, you can kiss my behind goodbye!)

Hello commute of hours gained and family dinner at a reasonable time.

Farewell trusting clients, happy brides & grooms and heritage locations on the beach, orchard locations, mountain vistas, and top of mountain weddings.  My umbrella collection for those rainy wedding photography days may not be as needed.  No more tide calculations for now.

Hello clients-to-be.  I look forward to finding new fields with the perfect light, snow covered trees, bridges with the best views, and scouting out old farmhouses and barns and sheds.  I will be that car pulling over all of a sudden on the highway and turning into a field to check out the abandoned lot for a future photo shoot.

New adventures await.

Farewell BC, Hello SK!


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