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Recently, I found myself leaning over the fence, smiling at our neighbour, who was out barbecuing his dinner, and giving him an explanation for the artificial tree being assembled in my green backyard and the boxes of twinkle lights and ornaments strewn about.

“Yeah, I’m just doing a photo shoot here.  It’s for Christmas.  I realize it’s June.  It stars a book character which is indeed this blue, stuffed teddy bear.  I’m not entirely crazy.  Good day to you too!”

The whole idea is only just crazy brilliant.  Our family has been a huge fan of BlueBeary since he first entered the scene.  I was happy to recently photograph some Christmas styled shots for the anticipated upcoming book, A Very BlueBeary Christmas.

My husband remarked that I didn’t have to worry about any blinking or closed eyes, or small people running away or sitting still during the shoot!  I found that BlueBeary certainly had different looks depending on the angle I was shooting. His eyes seemed to hold a wee bit of mischief at times.

Kathleen McMillan is the author and has a vision for the importance and art of storytelling.

You can stay updated about her adventures with BlueBeary here and find out soon (hopefully?!) when their Dragons’ Den episode adventure will air!

In the meantime, you can order the current books, or preorder A Very BlueBeary Christmas.  If you’re travelling, this BlueBeary app download looks like fun too!

Merry Christmas!



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