What is saving my life right now? | everyday photography | look around

Linking up with the eloquent Sarah Bessey on What is Saving Your Life Right Now?  

What is saving my life right now?

A thoughtful, little mind at work, with swing propelled, wind-blown hair.

Unassuming daisies.
Toothless, first grader smiles.
The words, “Let’s leave the wheelchair at the dock.”
Adventures are to be had.
That sand right there; in my suitcase now.  Happy memories.
A sibling with a crazy sense of humour.  That is worth gold.
My daughter, who must stop this nonsense of growing up so fast.
That little circle in the middle of the canoe?  My 3-year-old, who bravely sat still.
Frisbee dives, blinding sun on water, splashing that works for me.
The tips of pine trees dotting the blue sky.
Laughter with grandma.
A hidden alcove.
The smell of sunscreen.  (Yes, I can nearly smell the sunscreen in this photo).
The reveal:
Tie dye in a line.
A forest grove that probably houses fairies.
Legit magic tricks with Uncle Curtis.
Our family personalities:
Space to think, to breathe, to feel hopeful.

A running and dancing field?   Yes, that’s saving me right now.
Music that connects the generations.
Grandma love:
I mean, she really loves.
A room with a view.
A view with a room.

Grandparents (married for 60 years), on the steps of their old farmhouse…
… while great-grandchildren run to them.

Driving dusty, gravel roads.  (Pulled that skill out of my back pocket).
Sunshine in abundance.
This man.
That is what is saving me, redeeming me, right now.


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15 Responses to What is saving my life right now? | everyday photography | look around

  1. Brenda shaw says:

    well.i am so touched by your life…and so thankful that we are friends !!

  2. kelly says:

    Seriously gorgeous, those words and pictures.

  3. Sabrina says:

    This reminds of the book, 1000 gifts, which I am sure you have heard of… Your list is already long! 😉

  4. leahboldt says:

    i love how you can make time stand still like this… beautiful. just gorgeous.

    (also, i love that tank you are wearing! may i ask where you got it??)

  5. leahboldt says:

    **and i mean YOU, as in “..how YOU, steph, can make time stand still..”. you are extremely talented and insightful

  6. Leah: tank is from GAP, and thanks for your kind words!

  7. Amber says:

    mmm. so good!

  8. Heidi says:

    Steph this series of photos is so incredibly beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. Fabulous work.

  9. Judy says:

    So many good moments and memories here. Love your reflections and eye for beauty beyond the visible. Love you, Mom

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