Sarah & Mark | engagement photography | look exceptional

These two are getting married in a few months at the amazing Sparking Hill resort.  I thought for the engagement session we needed something with modern, clean lines and amazing architecture.

They also mentioned that they might bring a car along to use in the photo shoot.  “Not an antique, rustic kind of car,” the groom informs me.

I got you.  I hear you. No meadows and picnics and lemon scone styled shoots for this couple.

So I did what anyone who is never really incorporated a very sporty sports car into the shoot does.  Truth, I researched it.

I googled angles and what to look for and what to highlight on the car.  Design principles, whether they be in a room, architecture, a 10×10 canvas or a car- are all really the same.

This certainly was a fun challenge to have the car in the shoot, but have it still be about the lovely couple!

Then we switched it up to a more formal look.  How fabulous do they look?

Each car kind of takes on its own identity and personality.  Are you a sporty Lamborghini or a classic Bentley kind of person?

Thanks for the fun evening!



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5 Responses to Sarah & Mark | engagement photography | look exceptional

  1. Brenda says:

    oh my gosh !! love the photos with the cars !! they look outstanding by the car !!

  2. Awesome photos! That’s a much different car than you see in most shoots for sure. Must have been a lot of fun to work with. Nicely done.

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