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This family is honest-to-goodness good.  Does that make any sense? They are salt of the earth, friendly, kind, want-to-have-as-your-neighbour, warm scones & tea, fresh-cut garden flowers, paper airplanes, lots of legos, fun and laughter kind-of-people.

Well, maybe I would describe them that way because I was fortunate to be their neighbour for a little while.  It’s still all true.

All the guys being silly on the far right photo.

What a bunch of well-behaved, well-mannered, cute kids!

Aaron & Jessie, (parents of four children!) you look fantastic.  It must be said.

Mr. Cute-and-I-know-it.

Mr. Strong-and-Sensitive.

Mr. Super-Guy-Helpful.

Oh and this little sweet thing?  She wasn’t so sure of those antique trunks, so we had her oldest brother hiding low in the grass behind the suitcases propping them up for us!  Thanks again, Levi.

Miss Sweet-Cherub-Babe.

We ventured out to the peaceful and quiet Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in Chilliwack for the shoot.  There were birds gently singing and horses grazing in the neighbouring fields.  This place is a dream.

This was the beginning of a tickle fight.

Someone fortunate in Chilliwack has this lovely family as honest-to-goodness, GOOD neighbours!



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