Evan & Alyssa | engagement photography | look promising

Evan & Alyssa’s engagement photos in summary: a love of sushi, good footwear, pops of the colour red, musical interludes and jumping.  In short, they are cultured, well dressed and fun!
Save the date!  August 25th will be great.

We used up one of the last remaining true polaroid shots on my vintage camera.

Sushi picnic.

A handmade family heirloom blanket.

Looking forward to your wedding day later this summer!




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7 Responses to Evan & Alyssa | engagement photography | look promising

  1. Grandpa & Grandma Fishbook says:

    Puts a lump in our throats! A pretty smart looking couple. Hard to believe our grandson has reached this special milestone in his life. Alyssa, you are a beautiful lady! We are proud of you both! Love Grandpa & Grandma Fishbook

  2. Barb Konrad says:

    Hi Steph
    I have not met you yet, but I’m looking forward to making your aquaintance this summer. It will be a collaboration of sorts, as I’m providing the flowers for the big day which I I know you will capture on your camera. I’m already very impressed with the awesome images here & know you will do an amazing job on Evan & Alyssa’s magical day in August. ~ Barb ~

  3. Doug and Marlene Eisner says:

    Hi. Evan and Alyssa…What a great bunch of pictures, I have just looked at them all for the second time and can see you are a very beautiful couple !!!! Have fun planning for that special day, it will be here before you know it!! Love yas, Doug and Marlene

  4. Uncle Walt & Auntie Sharon says:

    What a great couple and what great pictures.
    Love to you both. Have fun planning your special day.
    BLESSINGS Love Uncle Walt & Auntie Sharon

  5. Barbara says:

    Wow~ you are a beautiful couple. Alyssa, I am so thrilled for you. I wish I was closer to be able to help you in your preparations! Enjoy it all! Love, Barbara

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