Behind The Scenes 2011 | look here

Last year I gave a glimpse Behind the Scenes of a variety of photo sessions.  I want to give the viewer a chance to see not only what the finished product looks like, but what the product as it’s being created can be like.

After my personal Favourites of 2011, it’s fun to reminisce and see what else happened along the way.

Enjoy seeing a behind the scenes look as we close out 2011!



My trusty partner/assistant. Carrying gear and waiting for me to test the light.  He usually smiles.

More light testing.  He is really friendly, really.

This is us.  We try to stay balanced.  I’m on the far right; I get a bit off kilter sometimes.

Surreal styled shoots sometimes have unforeseen children in red running through them.

Sometimes things are just fun and silly.

Occasionally the kids make a plan of their own and decide NOT to follow suit as per the plan of all jumping on the count of 3!

This was a moment that I just happened to catch as we were preparing to set up for family photos.  The ceremony had literally just ended and I caught the bride looking at her new ring while the groom is in the foreground.

Sometimes putting on a jacket is handsome in an old-fashioned movie star kind of way.

The bride is always allowed to ham it up model style while waiting for family photos to begin.

“I’m looking, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t see your eye through the camera, lady.”

The wedding party waits patiently.

Lady in blue… you are perfect.

This is what a dramatic bunch looks like.

The dramatic get out of hand.

Sometimes things happen and everyone starts giggling and laughing!

Carefree and fun.

Working collaboratively with other fantastic wedding vendors is a treat. (Peripheral biker rides by).

No words needed for the far right corner.

A perfectly timed dip and kiss and speedo man is out of the photo.

I love capturing the details and interacting with people.

Thanks for checking in behind the scenes!

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3 Responses to Behind The Scenes 2011 | look here

  1. I wanted to “like” each of these pictures. What a delightful post!

  2. kelly e says:

    cool! This was a fun read 🙂

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