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While visiting the prairies recently, I got the chance to take family photos for a friend that I had gone to both elementary school and high school with.  I think it had been close to 15 years since we’d seen each other!  (I warn you, she is ageless; she still looks fabulous!)

Baby girl and Mama love.

Family fun!

Nothing like a father and son living room wrestling match.

This little baby girl might be the happiest baby on the block.  She is always smiling.

Mr. Super Handsome.  (Doesn’t he look 4 years going on 16 with his grown-up-casually- cool posture here?!)

Big brother helping little sister take some steps.

With the kids reasonably occupied, we were able to get a few couple shots in as well.

From the sound if it, this family has had to deal with a lot this year.  They seem to have such an admirable sense of togetherness and strength to get through the tough times.

Onto fun and playful times with the family’s coordinating animal toques!

I love that Mom & Dad were full participants with puppet mitts and silly hats.

Looking gorgeous, even in a zebra hat.

Thanks for the fun times!



PS- I plan to be back in Saskatchewan for part of summer 2012,  send me an email if you might be interested in a photo session or stay tuned to the blog!  retrospect{AT}shaw{DOT}ca

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