Fauske Family | family photography | look modish

A thoughtful, gorgeous, red haired gal with creamy skin and delicate features meets a tall, dark and handsome guy with a Norwegian accent and a zany sense of humour.  They have kids that are good looking and fun and full of adventure.  Put that all together and you’ve got the Fauske family.

Part of what makes them so fantastic, is that I don’t really think they realize how uber cool they actually are.  Really.  They are.  They’re most certainly modish.

 Modish means “fashionable, cool, happening, hip, fresh, in style, vogue, sharp. ”

Great kicks.

I asked the boys to put their hands in their pockets.  I guess slim cut jeans make this a bit tricky!

Sometimes young kids reach that age where silly smiles are where it’s at, but I got it at the end.


Kari: gracefully beautiful and so pretty.  Hakon: here is your “social media shot:” friendly, approachable, casual yet professional.

A mom that snuggles and then participates in a sword fight minutes later is… amazing.

Soccer fun!

Thanks for letting me capture your stylish, mod family!



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3 Responses to Fauske Family | family photography | look modish

  1. so good, steph! way to pose, fauskes.

  2. Mona says:

    hei Kari og Håkon!!!
    Dere ser jo virkelig fantastiske ut!!! Og er jo akkurat de samme. Håper dere har det bra på alle vis.

    Klemmer fra Mona

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