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Jenn & Kevin’s wedding was a beautiful late summer day, with an intimate ceremony down by the lake, a lot of time dedicated to photos (yeah!) and an informal reception, al fresco style at a nearby camp.

Jenn’s necklace was a special heirloom piece that was her grandmother’s.

Plaid heels and morning coffee from a customized cup made especially for the day!  Details, details.

The men wore kilts and the whole kit and caboodle to pay homage to their Scottish heritage.

Gorgeous, romantic hair.

Tender vows.

A beautiful hand-fasting ceremony, also “to tie the knot.”


A receiving line of family and friends with hugs and well wishes.

Great friends.

I asked them to channel their inner Mary Poppins and not-so-secretly this photo turned out to be one of my favourites.

We got this shot in one go (after making sure everyone had a clear space to throw their umbrella without any maiming).  Let me tell you, working with this couple was a dream.  Jenn is a theatre director and she brought a brilliant vision and a brilliant plan (and all the umbrellas).

Dramatic fun.

These two red umbrellas were special, antique ones that were each the groom and brides individual grandmothers’.

Here’s where I tell you about this amazing wedding party. Unbelievable.  These friends not only stood up for this couple, they helped and hosted this wedding.  Lists being made, lists being crossed off, cars being packed, people being driven, chairs being set up or taken down, gourmet picnics (havarti! smoked turkey! raspberries!) for the midday lunch in the field, decorations created, hung and re-strung…  this wedding party did it all, and all with a sincere love for the couple.

A stop in at the nursing home to say a special hello to a  special grandmother.

These cupcakes were divine.  This is not an exaggeration.  This wedding provided the opportunity to travel and if I’m in the area again, I will be ordering myself a batch of these to take home!

Kevin & Jenn have such genuine hearts.  There is a comfort with who they are, where they’ve come from, what they’ve come through, and what they want from life.  From parasols, to kilts, to picnics, to rock-paper-scissors contests, to duelling matches in canola fields, to twirling skirts in the meadow – I love that they are unabashedly who they are.

Congratulations Jenn & Kevin!

Making it all  look | GOOD:

Venue:  Beatton Provincial Park  |  Cupcakes:  Just Like Grams  |  Hair: by Greg     Decorators: The Unbelievable Wedding Party & Family & Friends

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7 Responses to Jenn & Kevin | wedding photography | look genuine

  1. Rachel Chartier says:

    As a friend of the bride who was unable to attend.. the photos made me tear up. Beautiful, just wonderful!

  2. Lori says:

    You’ve so beautifully portrayed the essence of this wedding! I love these photos!

  3. Thanks for the feedback on the cupcakes. I’m glad you enjoyed them. Love the photo you took. I loved working with Jenn and Kevin.. they were so much fun to work with.
    Just Like Gram’s

  4. Sabrina says:

    Steph… are amazing!!! What a fun wedding to shoot! 🙂

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