Retrospect Photography | relaunch | look back

Since I purchased my little film camera at a garage sale, at the mere age of 9, I have always loved photography.  I remember going around taking photos of the park, my siblings, the new bike…  whatever a little nine-year old’s heart deemed important.

Left:  myself at 9 yrs old.   Right:  a duck pond I thought was oh-so-pretty.

Photography has always been an integral part of my world, from working with a portrait studio company, to my husband and I shooting our first wedding together many years ago (kudos to the brave Tara & Jon!)

Behind the scenes currently.   Left: Kevin    Right:  Steph

I am so honoured and humbled to have fantastic, dedicated clients.  Thanks to all who have made Retrospect Photography get to this point.

Without further adieu, I’m pleased as punch to relaunch my new website!

NEW main site!

Use the links below to take advantage of promotions and keep updated:

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twitter:  @retrospectsteph

I strive to create photos that are modern and classic, inspired by colour and nature, and that allow you to be comfortable and yourself.

Please be in contact if you have any questions or would like to book a photo session or wedding consultation.

A gigantic THANKS goes out to Anna Moorhouse for taking my vision, suggesting ideas, being patient and professional, and creating a website even better than I had imagined.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Kind regards,


Making it all  look | GOOD:  (in this case my support team)

Husband Extraordinaire/Kid-Bather-&-Put-To-Bed Parent:  Kevin Hall  |  Web Designer: Anna Moorhouse  |  Best Babysitters Around Town:  Nana & Papa  | Influencers & Gear Lenders: The Irreplaceable Kristy F. and Mark M. at MjM Studios  |  Saving the Day on Occasion:  Auntie B.  |  Encouragement from the Homeland:  Mom & Dad S.

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