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My friend Leah and family are putting on a fundraiser for their amazing son, Silas.  The fundraiser is for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and I know what you’re thinking, “”  Click through to the link where Leah explains it in more depth.

I’m so impressed with Leah and her parenting skills.  Our children share a Sunday School class, and she noticed very early on that my daughter had sensory issues and mentioned it to me.  We had already identified the Sensory Processing Disorder, but I was so impressed with her astute awareness.

I’m know she (and her husband) have got those same astute skills happening as they raise their children and that’s why I’m excited to support them with this fundraiser for Silas and getting him the extra help he needs to function at his best.  Retrospect Photography will be donating a portrait session (value of $200.00), as well there will be entertainment, drinks, food, super 80’s music, and many other prizes and auctions.  So come on out!

Fundraiser:  Friday, July 15 evening and Saturday, July 16 evening.

THIS weekend guys!  Station House Pub in Aldergrove.

Details below on the poster. 80’s wear is what to where.

See you there!

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