Jocelyn | portrait photography | look peaceful

Jocelyn was part of an extended family photo shoot I did awhile back.  When I arrived to the house in my pink plaid mary janes, she remarked that she had the exact same ones! Instant bonding over shoes.  This  shoe-bonding-phenomenom has been happened to me before.

So, was it any surprise at all that she brought (let me count….) at least 4 pairs of shoes to her own photo session?!  No, I completely expected it and loved it!

So, Jocelyn says something along the lines of  “I’m not sure if I’m really all that stylish.  I wasn’t sure what to bring.”  Please note the handbag in the next few shots…

Yes, Jocelyn you indeed are stylish.  Stylin’ stylish.  That handbag is perfect and to make it even better, she found it secondhand vintage!

I love all the textures in her attire in the above black and white shot.

When possible, I like to shoot with a contrast of backgrounds: both natural backgrounds (trees, fields) and man-made, structured backgrounds.  You can see that the same outfit works, but in a different context, with a different look.

This location was so pretty and Jocelyn had such a colourful outfit full of whimsy.  The purple wildflowers were the perfect unplanned accessory.

Jocelyn has a very peaceful sense about her.  Her presence is like a breath of fresh air.

Thanks Jocelyn for your style savvy.  I hope Mr. Significant loves the photos of you!


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