knit goods | look cute as a button!

I thought it was spring, but if you live in Western Canada you might seriously be wondering!  This morning we woke up to a world of winter white snow.  It was beautiful, but it seems it’s melting away as quickly as it came.

Whether the weather be warm or cold, I have photography plans up my sleeve for the autumn and winter months to come many weeks from now.  Check out some following photos of amazing knit wear.  My friend Kari is very talented.  Talented in the most-amazing-can’t-believe-you-knit-that kind of way.  She’s created this heirloom toddler sweater that I commissioned for a gift and it’s full of quality and cuteness!

Amazing detail, right?

Stay tuned, because a basket full of cozy knit toques from newborn to small child are in the works (available for photo shoots!)  I’m excited to introduce you to her and her handiwork when more of the knitting is complete .  If you would have any questions or would like more info, leave me a comment or contact me on the about page and I’d be happy to put you in touch with her.


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2 Responses to knit goods | look cute as a button!

  1. Jen Douglas says:

    LOVE the sweater and yes I agree, Kari is very talented!

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