Behind The Scenes 2010 | look here

Usually what photographs present is a finished product.  The moment is captured, but then edited from the other photos that were taken, and then maybe slightly tweaked and straightened and adjusted and then you get a finished product.

  I really strive to keep things as they were… I want clients to be themselves and feel comfortable and I honestly hope that each personality of the client can come through and really bring the photo to life.  I work with the lighting, the composition, angles and some direction, but overall I want you to be you.

That being said, after The Top 10 of 2010, I thought it might be fun to give you a behind the scenes glance at some of 2010.   Some of the best moments are silly expressions and unplanned situations. 

Enjoy seeing a behind the scenes look as we close out 2010!



Sometimes how the veil shots work (check out the far right corner).

I love this one… sunset and crinoline and rain puddles.

The groomsmen survey the vintage car breakdown ; everyone still made it where they needed to be!

  A cute dog on the park path.


The bustling of the dress is sometimes tricky.  Bustling skills are critical bridesmaid knowledge!

Summer brides, piece of advice: stay hydrated.

Sometimes I enlist a helper along the way.

Occasionally a little breathing room is required…

… and granted.

Laughter is the best.

Impromptu golf lessons.

Waiting for the cyclists…

Having fun.  

A parent with patience and a sense of humour is the best.

Some child (ahem, mine) running through the far left hand corner of the shot…

… and sometimes I can work a little photo shop magic.

Big and little.

“Yes, hi there animal with horns and beady eyes.  I will try not to vex you.”

Getting ready to make a sprint.

First try.  Didn’t work.  Let the record state that this was their idea…    


My girls and I.   Lollipops kept them in one spot long enough to get their photo!

The disastrous lollipop mess was worth it.

Thanks to everyone who makes creating the photos so much fun and adventure!

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7 Responses to Behind The Scenes 2010 | look here

  1. Aimee Miller says:

    Loved the piggy-back attempts by your parent and the way you captured it. That shot turned out amazing, although obviously with some effort on their part. LOL!! Just goes to show how young at heart they really are. Beautiful photos Steph!

  2. Emily says:

    Steph, I love to see the behind the scene glimpse. Once again I am so impressed by your talent my friend.

  3. Bronwyn says:

    Thanks for that! Very cool to see some of your perspective. You have such an amazing gift and a fanastic sense of style, practicality and fun!

  4. Lori says:

    It’s amazing how you not only capture emotion, but cause it as well. I was going from aahhhh to laughing out loud as I enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Kathy Runnalls says:

    It is good seeing your pictures, Stephanie! It makes my heart happy to see you living out this dream, and taking these great pictures. (And your girls look adorable!) It is fun seeing the world through your eyes.

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