Trista & Ed | family photography | look casual

Trista and I have gotten to know each other through a similar liking for buying cute children’s clothing!  We have a few mutual friends through facebook, but had yet to actually meet in person.  Trista was every bit as friendly and easy-going as I had imagined.  Actually, Ed was pretty easy-going as well.  What a guy to listen to us ladies chat about Tinkerbell and princesses during the photo shoot.

I love this series where Little Miss M. has the giggles…… hands clasped and laughing!  What a cutie!

A daddy and his daughter.  Love all around.

Having some fun with Christmas decorations.

I kind of love the family togetherness in this one.

Little Miss M. has to be forgiven for being a tad tired, she had such a busy day with her angel duties in the church Christmas pageant.  She still looks pretty adorable.

A sweet couple shot in the last of the evening light.

Thanks for being so laid back and friendly Trista & Ed, it was a pleasure to meet!


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One Response to Trista & Ed | family photography | look casual

  1. Trista Cooper says:

    Stephanie, they’re wonderful! Can’t wait to get the disc with them all on there. Thanks again Stephanie.

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