The Top 10+ of 2010 | look back

Here they are, the Top 10 of 2010! (um, Top 10+, so really there are 13 lucky photos, I couldn’t decide).  The title is under each photo.  Pick your favourite and vote on the poll at the bottom of this post (feel free to comment as well).  Tell your family and friends to vote also!  The contest begins today and runs 1 week till Sunday, December 12th, 2010.  The client (whoever is in the photo) with the most votes wins, and will receive a framed 8X12 enlargement of their choice of photo from their session (AND a very likely chance of homemade chocolate chip cookies as well).  Happy voting!


James & Christina | cozy winter wedding

Curtis & Monika | spring maternity

Baby Amaya | portrait


Christine & Tim | may meadows wedding

Christine & Tim | may meadows wedding

Cornelia & Luke | stylish summer wedding

Cornelia & Luke | stylish summer wedding 

Baby Abigail | portrait

Judy & Harry | fantastic 50something portrait

Emily & Michael | autumn maternity

Little Jane | portrait

Paul & Heidi | family

Michelle | portrait


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8 Responses to The Top 10+ of 2010 | look back

  1. harry says:

    Neat idea Stephanie.
    It will be interesting to see the outcome.

  2. gloria fama says:

    This photo is so fresh and captivating. It has captured the essence of a child’s innocence.

  3. Tim says:

    I think more people need to vote for the may meadows wedding.

  4. Pam Wilkes says:

    Such a beautiful photograph

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