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Is there anything better than when your clients become your friends?  I think not.  Meet Michelle.

She’s half of this couple, whose artistic and no-detail-overlooked wedding I shot 3 years ago. 

You’ll find the always stylish Michelle these days over at:  elasticpantcity a blog that fuses mama city living with life style and fashion style.  She will inspire you to put on something other than those West Coast yoga pants and instead dress with panache.  From interviewing the stunning model Janice Alida about the Céline 2011 Spring Show, to glimpses into daily life as a mother, to taking vision from the runway and creating and sewing her own garments, you will be inspired to be creative and live creatively.

One thing that I’ve learned since I started retrospect photography is that I love taking portraits.  I really, really LOVE that aspect of taking photos.  Getting to know someone personally, hearing their life story, and then discovering how I can capture who they are is one of my favourite things.

Michelle has divine style.  She can pair old with new seamlessly.  That’s why for a creative colloboration photo shoot, I was excited to work with her.  I’m in the process of redoing my main website and the word retrospect literally means to “look back.”  My photography style has a mix of old school elements mixed with modern composition and clean lines, therefore making Michelle’s personal style perfecto!

Vintage black blazer paired with modern jeans. 

Michelle’s obviously gorgeous with her creamy complexion and doe eyes.  She can make practical Wellies work with a soft white dress or a sequined jacket work with jeans. But what really makes her beautiful is how she can take the contrasts in life and be both fragile and strong at the same time – that’s the source of Michelle’s beauty.


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