Paul & Heidi | family photography | look together

If you think this family looks familiar, you are correct!

 I have had the honour of taking photos of their family for many occasions now. 

In fact, I even was inspired by Paul & Heidi’s wedding a few years ago (when 5 megapixel cameras were where it was at and digital was very new) and really got going on my portfolio at their sunny garden wedding.  (I’ve been to many, MANY weddings and to this day it’s still one of the most beautiful I’ve witnessed).

Heidi and I went to the same college, but a lot has changed since sipping our grape slurpies in minus 40C weather!  We kept in touch off and on through the years after school, but after some crisscrossing of the globe, their family has found home to be in the same place my family is settled. 

And (selfishly) I will admit, I’m loving having them live in the neighbourhood.  They are real and honest and fun and easy going and just good, GOOD people.

Two adorable little girls full of fun and occasionally a bit of attitude. 😉

Both girls with the same facial expressions!

Thank you dear friends,


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